Edit Tables (WYSIWYG Editor)


Edit Table Properties

This will modify the properties of the table as a whole.

  • Right-click into any cell, then choose Table Properties OR place your cursor within a cell, then choose the 'Table' icon from the toolbar>Table Properties

Basic Tab

Preferred Width: Width of the table. Can be a percentage (recommended) or a fixed amount. For fixed tables, enter the pixel amount, then change the "%" drop-down to "Pixels".
Alignment: The table's alignment on the page - Left/Center/Right.

Options Tab

Border Width: Thickness of the table's border. Use "1" for a standard table, or "0" to remove the border & cell lines from display to the public (faint lines will show only in the editor).
Cell Margins: The space between cells.

Edit Tables 

These will modify individual elements within the table.



  • Right-click into the respective cell.
  • Select Insert Rows and Columns.
  • Choose the number of each and select which position to insert them at relative to the cell you clicked into.


  • Right-click into the respective row or column..
  • Choose Delete Row or Column.


Single Cells
  • Right-click into the respective cell.
  • Select Merge Cells.
  • Choose the number of rows and/or columns to merge. Your selections will be highlighted in blue.

Cell Properties

  • Right-click into the respective cell.
  • Select Table Properties.
  • Click the Cell tab (the selection will be highlighted blue).

Basic Tab

Preferred Width: Enter the number. For percentages (recommended), no further changes are required. For fixed widths, change the "%" drop-down to "Pixels".
Vertical Alignment: Set the content of the cells to display Top/Middle/Bottom.
Cell Type:  Applies bold formatting and centers the content of the cell. Choose from Heading Cell/Column Heading/Row Heading (Normal Cell is default).

Options Tab

Background Color: Click the 'Color Picker' icon to select a color from the palette, or enter your own hex code color in the bottom field.

Use the Previous and Next Cell arrows to easily swap between cells. The current selection will be highlighted in blue.

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