Viewing Form Submissions

Forms that are submitted on your website are not only delivered to administrators via email, they are stored within the CMS as well.

Access: Components>Form Manager>Form Submission Export.


  • Select the 'View' icon to see the form submission's details. You may also print from this popup box.


  • Submissions may be sorted by date/time, page of submission, visitor's IP address, and form type.
  • Click on the column name in the blue bar to change sorting preference.
  • An additional click to the same column name will reverse the order.


  • The Form Action drop-down will allow you to view individual forms, or all forms.
  • The 'Calendar' icons allow you to select a specified date range.
  • Click the Filter button to apply any selections.


  • Narrow your export selection to ONE form from the Form Action drop-down (as opposed to "All Form Actions"). 

This is important! Forms must be exported separately from one another.

  • Apply a date range if desired
  • Click the Filter button.
  • In the bottom left of the page, select the Export Method of your choice.
  • Click the Export button.

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