How to Reduce SPAM

What is CAPTCHA?

As is the case with email, website forms are also subject to SPAM. To reduce the likelihood of receiving SPAM in the first place, emails have filters, as forms have CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA is generally displayed as a set of characters, images, or a combination of the two. The request to type in these characters or select a specified group of images will verify that you are in fact a human, not a robot. This makes it extremely difficult for SPAM to submit a form.

To Enable Captcha

  • Access: Components>Form Manager>Action Handler.
  • Select the 'Edit' icon next to the appropriate form.
  • Click the Action tab.
  • Make sure the Enable Anti-Robot CAPTCHA configuration is set to Yes.
  • Choose how you would like it to display with the CAPTCHA Style setting.
    • Inline will show up at the bottom of the form, above the 'submit' button (recommended).
    • Pop-Up will appear in a new window, after the 'submit' button is clicked.

Your Website's CAPTCHA

The default CAPTCHA element for our websites is the four character set below.

As spambots are becoming more advanced, it is possible to 'beat' CAPTCHA and submit the form anyway. This is why we have integrated Google's reCAPTCHA v.2 into newer websites. This is a two-step verification process:

1. Check the box

2. Select applicable images

It may be an extra step for the website visitors, but it is nearly foolproof.

If you would like to be upgraded from the original CAPTCHA to the newest version, please submit a request.

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